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Yakezie Carnival – The Jester Edition

Welcome to the Yakezie Carnival – The Jester Edition!

I’m a new staff writer at The Ultimate Juggle and what better way to start than head up the awesome Yakezie Carnival!

Let’s start by talking about my favorite subject, ME (juggle, juggle, juggle, tada)!  As a new member to The Ultimate Juggle, I’m excited to share some of my experiences about the hectic pace of life and share some of my stories and thoughts that I’ve accumulated.  Unfortunately, because of various reasons, I’ll only be contributing at most 1 article a week at the most, and I’ll try to make it live up to Bloggette’s standards!  I also have a blog myself called “Growing Money Smart“.

Okay, now onto the Yakezie Carnival, no wait… what is a carnival, let alone a Yakezie Carnival?

A “Blogger’s Carnival” basically is an article (like this) at a hosting site (that’s theultimatejugglecom)  that contains a bunch of links back to bloggers (see below) that submitted their articles for inclusion in the carnival.  The carnival last a week (thus the carnival aspect) then moves on to another host site that does the carnival.

Okay with that out of the way, Yakezie is a Financial and Life Network that selflessly supports and promotes others, and gives the money that it collect to charity and other noble causes.  Pretty cool huh!

(Trumpet Sound,………)

Presenting the Yakezie Carnival:

Money Mastered: http://moneymastered.net/commentary/the-end-of-an-era-apple-ceo-steve-jobs-steps-down/ – Steve Jobs came back to Apple when the company was near bankruptcy, and left it with a market capitalization of over $350 billion. What happens after he steps down?

Investorz’ Blog: Warren Buffett: The Greatest PR Machine of American History – Can you really trust the Oracle of Omaha? Can you really believe in the PR that Buffett churns out from his PR machine? Read on to find out!

Money Reasons: Losing Free Money – This is a story of a brilliant friend of mine that wouldn’t join her company’s generous 401k plan. Read why I think she is missing the boat on this one.

Everything finance: Disadvantages of Investing in Treasury Bills – It is relatively easy to feel confident went investing in U.S. Treasuries, especially for those nearing retirement and looking for a safe source of income.

20’s Finances: Rental Properties: Where to Begin – This article not only offers advice on how to get started in real estate investments, but also suggests the best type of rental property to invest in.

The Frugal Toad: How to Buy an Ebook Reader – Buying an eBook reader can be a little intimidating if you you are new to the technology. This article shows you how to pick the best eBook reader for your needs.

One Cent At A Time: What A Blogger Can Learn From Steve Jobs – Every successful man has traits for everyone else to follow. Some traits of Steve Jobs are extremely useful for bloggers. When it comes to creating market for products bloggers and Apple have things in common.

My Journey to Millions: Income Tax Planning for Savings Bonds – There are various tax strategies when dealing with your Savings bonds. The first has to do when you should “choose” to pay tax on the interest gained and the second has to do with a possible way to eliminate the tax totally.

Invest It Wisely: What My Dysfunctional Aunt Taught Me about Wealth and Finances – This is a story by someone who is close to me, and is about how fortune, easily gained, can also be easily lost.

Prairie Eco Thrifter: How to Buy a Home – Today I am going to share with you some important things to consider when buying a house.

Money Cone: Following Buffet Blindly Can Be Injurious to Your Wealth – An individual investor is not in the same boat as Mr. Buffett. It is hard to predict in which direction BofA’s stock price will swing, but either way, Buffett will make money, not so for the individual investor who follows Buffett blindly

Mom’s Plans: 10 Ways to Buy Organic Foods on a Budget – Here are the strategies that we use to eat nutritious, organic food without breaking the bank:

Living in Financial Excellence: Winning with Money Part 5: Plan for the Future – Winners plan ahead for future expenses and are prepared for them so they don’t become emergency expenses. That’s using your money to work for you.

Live Real, Now: The Unfrugal Meal – Tuesday, after a long day of hands-on, interactive museum-going, we took the kids to a Japanese steakhouse. Teppanyaki, where they cook the food at the table, complete with fire, spatula spinning, and airborne food.

Free Money Wisdom: Keep Your Sanity, Use Cash – Maintaining an accurate and updated checkbook is one solution to the problem of overspending on my debit card, but I also found another viable method which hopefully you can use and integrate into your own methods.

Cents To Save: I Wrote A Letter To The Company President – I resigned my position of 8 years to accept a position closer to my new home. My new employer “Mis-Hired” me, and within 8 weeks, I was claiming unemployment. I wrote the President of the company to explain how this experience made me feel and to request a severance package.

Smart Family Finance: Saveaholics Anonymous: Cash Hoarding Would Be the Other Major Spending Problem to Avoid – We spend a lot of time trying to defeat our urge to spend, but to every action there is an extreme at each end. This post deals with the problem of cash hoarding.

Funancials: Stock Picks and Fantasy Football – Applying investment objectives to fantasy football drafts

Financially Consumed: She Is The Man Now – The grip that men have on their traditional identities is a precarious one. The rapidly changing economic environment has stripped men of their role as bread-winner. She is the man now.

Miss Thrifty: Confessions: Waitrose Mango Fingers and the patter of tiny feet… – UK personal finance blogger Miss Thrifty explains why she has been quieter than usual recently…

Investor Junkie: Buying Gold Online – If you are one of the investors that are looking for a way to buy some gold, you can find it online. Here are a few ways that you can buy gold online.

DollarVersity: Savings Accounts: Anything Is Better Than Zero – Interest rates are at historic lows, giving people even more reason NOT to save their money. That’s not the smart approach, and this is why.

Sustainable Personal Finance: 16 Driving Tips to Improve Gas Mileage – It is easy to improve gas mileage. SLOW DOWN! Maintain the moving parts – just a few.

Financial Success for Young Adults: The Basics of the Stock Market – All investors have to start somewhere. Learn the basics of the stock market with practice and easy tutorials.

Buck Inspire: Gym Membership: Use It Or Lose It – Just a friendly reminder to use your gym and exercise. If you don’t, you will lose your membership fees and slowly lose your body, too!

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance: Money Making & Marketing Advice from the Kardashians – Love them or hate them, the Kardashian’s are marketing geniuses. See how they promote their brand and learn from them!

Faithful With A Few: New Jersey Activates Price Gouging Laws In Reaction To Hurricane Irene – Price gouging laws are in effect in New Jersey during a State of Emergency. Find out how these laws protect consumers, while still being fair on retailers!

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet: Hurricane Preparedness Guide – Hurricane Preparedness is something to take very seriously. Here is a long list of tips that will help you prepare for a hurricane or any other natural disaster!

Master the Art of Saving: The Life of The Evil Credit Card- part 4 – I wanted to show all the details for the lifespan of this newly acquired credit card. I’m hoping that this will be helpful to really see what happens over the life of a credit card. We could have paid cash for my dental procedures, but that would have been most of our savings. With our luck, something would have came up after draining our savings and we’d have been screwed. For us and our current financial situation getting credit to pay was the best option, and still is—no matter how much I hate this card.

Bucksome Boomer: Aging Parents, Boomerang Kids and Club Sandwich – The importance of staying focused on retirement saving for the sandwich generation.

Geek Girl Thoghts: How I use Amazon, the Library, and Goodreads.com to not spend much money on books – Geeks read a lot of books, and often end up in shiny, brightly lit bookstores buying them. Frugal geeks use the library. I cover my library methods for the past few months.

ChristianPF: Ways To Save Money: 6 Practical Tips! – This is a look at 6 practical tips we can take today to save money!

TotallyMoney: The gender gap: where do all the women go? – An article questioning why with better school results the gender pay gap isn’t closing

FIRE Finance: What is the Current Inflation Rate? – Inflation is one of the perennial pests which eats away the purchasing power of your hard earned dollars. For those of you who are thinking about reachingFIRE need to keep a constant eye on inflation. So the next question is how do you find the current rate of inflation in USA?

krantcents: Don’t Buy Hamburgers – A Swedish hamburger chain attempts to influence their customers and how advertising influences all of us..

Faith and Finance: Understanding Marginal Propensity to Consume – The economics term Marginal Propensity to Consume is critical to understand if you want to control your spending and build your cash.

Outlaw Finance: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself About Fire and Flood Insurance Coverage – If you have taken out fire and flood insurance, either on your own or as part of an overall homeowner’s policy, it is important to know exactly what such a policy covers.

PT Money Personal Finance: Five Personal Finance Habits of the Past that Must End to Have a Financial Future – Looking forward, there are plenty of ways in which we can learn from mistakes to plan a better financial future. The following are five classic bad money habits that people simply can’t get away with anymore.

Sustainable Life Blog: Training – Training and your relationship with exercise!

Deliver Away Debt: 5 Tips to Help Pay Off Student Loans Faster – Whatever the situation, the graduate has many options for repaying the loan while enjoying the new ventures life affords.

Simple Debt Free Finance: 7 Things People Spend More Money on Than They Should (and Tips to Stop Doing it). – Here are 7 things that many people spend too much on, as well as some tips for cutting back on that spending.

Heartland Living on a budget: How to Afford a Doula (Birth Assistant) – Do you need a doula (birth assistant)? If you decide you do, here are some ways to afford it.

Free From Broke : The Best Online Discount Brokerages for Cheap Trades – What are the best online discount brokerages for cheap trades? Take a look at some of the best places for you to trade stocks that won’t break your bank, especially for the beginning investor.

Little House in the Valley: When a Million Isn’t Enough – Are you saving enough for retirement? According to a recent article, a million may not be enough. Find out how to make your retirement goals and stretch that nest egg.

NetWorthProtect.com: How To Choose Home Improvements That Offer The Best Return On Investment – The following important questions should be answered before taking on a home improvement project to ensure you get what you want out of the project and that you receive a reasonable return on your investment.

Frugal Confessions: Surprising Return Policies – Serial returners, procrastinating returners, and returners who expect a full refund beware: there are return policies out to get you.

Thanks for checking out this version of the carnival, want more?  Then check out last weeks carnival:  Yakezie Carnival, The Hurricane Season Edition.

Hope you enjoyed the great articles!


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  1. @krantcents
    Thanks, I thought I’d try something a bit different!

    Thanks for submitting such a great introductory article about investing!

    Thanks, Bloggette and I really tag teamed it. Then we decided it would be a great platform to introduce me :)

    • Thanks for submitting such a great article!

      I’m sure Bloggette’s hubby “Sir Saves-a-lot” will be checking out your article for sure!

      Thanks for socializing the carnival too!

    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun with it, and to be honest I was pleased with the way it looks. I just wish I had more time to put some jokes in too though…

  2. Thanks for hosting and including Funancials! You need to revise your description of Yakezie members from “selfish” to “selfless.” Makes us sound terrible! :)

    • lol, good catch – that’s what I get for juggling this together in the wee hours of the morning. (2:00 to 4:00am).

      I hope Bloggette doesn’t read this comment, I’d hate to lose my position already ;)

    • Thanks, we have fun putting this together!

      Congratulations on your first Yakezie Carnival submit, don’t forget to submit to the other future ones! They are a great sound of exposure and links! :)

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