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Why Blogging For Money While Being/Having A Family Is Hard

Let me start out by saying that I love my family and especially my children!

Being with my kids is one of the few things in life that I still really enjoy.  Sometimes just watching them makes me smile with such a big goofy grin that my daughter will saying “What?” in response.  I just tell her that I just love her, and she gives me a quirky “you’re weird” look.  But even that look makes me smile even moreso.

Between a “more than full time job“, kid’s sports, friends and trying to make money online by blogging, it’s really hard to juggle all of them at the same time.  You see, it’s much easier being an online entrepreneur when you are young and don’t have to juggle so many balls in the air like I currently do.  Then there is the spouse to worry about to boot!


Over the past few years, I’ve been blogging, and while the amount of money that I’m currently making per hour is near minimum wage, the money has continually increased, and to be truthful blogging and online entrepreneurial activities are more like a hobby than an actual job.  I think I would have quit a long time ago if I expected to get wealthy from blogging on this site alone.

So here is my recommendations for anyone looking to blog for money!

  1. Do it while you are young (perhaps high school and/or college), that way over the years, hopefully you’ll build up traffic.
  2. Blog while you don’t have kids.  Blogging is a huge time suck, and your kids will suffer if you are working all day and night at a full time job, and a online blogging gig.
  3. Make sure you don’t mind putting a lot of time in and not getting paid, especially at first.  If I didn’t view blogging as a hobby and passion, I wouldn’t be blogging today.  In fact, I know a lot of other bloggers that were much better than I was, but they got discouraged after six months and quit because they weren’t making either enough money or any money.  It’s not an overnight activity, stick with it if you enjoy it!
  4. Think outside of the box…  You’ll have to do a lot of things by yourself, and if you can think in clever ways, it’s to your advantage.
  5. If you’re not the sharpest tool in the toolbox, then develop online friends that are!  I’ve seen countless bloggers get help from other bloggers by asking in their network (the one I’m in is called Yakezie).  The other bloggers usually give an easy question a free answer, and for the more labor intensive, they usually only charge a small amount.
  6. Ideally, you’re already financially independent and blogging while in retirement.  But for most of us, this is not the case…
  7. Team up with a partner, either really in the business sense, or make it someone that you enjoy reading their blog.  I’ve developed some decent friends online this way.

And there you have it, blogging while being married is a real ballet and makes juggling everything very hard!

Now where is my beer bottle opener?

Jester (not the guy in the picture above)

3 Responses to Why Blogging For Money While Being/Having A Family Is Hard

  1. I completely agree! I was telling someone that today of how much free material is given away when you’re a blogger. I’m not complaining because I completely love it. It’s just a lot of work.

    • It’s kind of ironic really… This blog was named “the ultimate juggle” because of the task of juggling work/career/family, but now blogging is a forth element (ball) to juggle too. Kind of a bummer really!

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