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The Personal Power of Changing a Blog Theme

Our old theme was decent and did the job.  It had some nice features that were noteworthy, but now it’s time to move on…

I like the look of this new theme that we have installed.  To me it make the site feel more like a personal diary, than just another cookie cutter blogging interface.  I’m hoping that since it’s more diary looking like, I’ll find myself wanting to create more entries of a more personal and emotional, “no bars held” style of writing.  I think such a change will help both readers interested in reading my blog, and for me to get my feelings and thoughts down on virtual paper (smile).

So to start, since I’m meandering down a different path than my normal one, I think I will start to write how I currently feel and what I’m thinking:

  1. Today, I’m tired of thinking and worrying about money.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not in a bad financial predicament, in fact, compared to the averages, I’m doing quite well… But then again, I’m not really average am I…?  Just the fact that I’m blogging makes me somewhat of an exception to the rule versus the rule itself.
  2. Today I want to go do something, but I’m kind of trapped because we’ve been spending too much money and even though we can afford it, I don’t want to spend any more for the next few months.  This makes me a bit melancholy, but not drastically so.
  3. The installation of this theme is a bit of a pick me upper…  I feel better changing something in my life.  All too often we follow the same old path, but here is a secret… the same old path is boring (perhaps that’s not so much of a secret after-all).
  4. I’m feeling trapped.  After I’m done writing this, I think I will either get in my car and drive somewhere or hop on my bike and pedal around the neighborhood.  If I go with the car option, I think I will go somewhere that I haven’t been before or for a long time.  I’ll escape my surroundings.  If I go with the bike option, I’ll casually coast mostly through my development, enjoying the beautiful day outside as the sun start sink down over the edge of the earth (perhaps the earth is flat, lol).

Well I think I wrote enough, now to see how it looks on my new blog theme skin!



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    • Thanks, yeah… Finances are in good shape, although it does take some juggling things around sometimes!

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