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Apologies For A Lack of Passion

I’ve written about how much I love my job in multiple, previous posts – but I have to be honest – the absolute best thing about my job is the relationship I have with my boss. He is one of the best people to talk with and I can be completely open and honest with him, work related or not.

Sure there are moments we don’t agree, but 99% of the time we get one another and work well together. He is easily one of the reasons I’ve worked at the same company for 6.5 years.

So the other day I was apologizing to him for what feels like a lack of passion for my job. Not to say that I’m not doing my job to the best of my abilities, but we have some company altering projects coming up and yours truly is LEADING one of them. Yea, not just involved, leading the charge. And as (nerdly) awesome as these projects and changes are…. I’m not nearly as excited about them as I would have been, say, 3 years ago.

And it feels almost weird and un-natural. So much so that I (apparently) felt the need to apologize in case my lack luster responses were as obvious as they felt. To which my boss so simply (yet comforting and intelligently) replied, “You have other priorities. I get it.”

So maybe it is that simple? There are things (aka my child, my family) that are way more important than ANY job will EVER be.

But as simple as that feeling might be, I don’t think I’m alone as a working mother who questions where she spends her days. I know I’m not the only mama who misses her baby during the days when she doesn’t see her or wonders what events were missed that day. If nothing else, I just know I’m not alone. But I’m not sure that it’s possible to have both… Unfortunately.


– Bloggette

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