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Juggling a Lukewarm Christmas

So far this December has been way too warm for us!

We like to do things in December but it’s not quite the same without the snow floating to the ground.  In fact, it practically seemed like Spring yesterday because it was so warm!

One of my personal favorite Christmas events is going to our favorite fancy restaurant for the year!  We get all decked out and shove the kids into the car (although they like to go to because the restaurant is beside the airport and they enjoy watching the jets take off and land).

The restaurant has very large windows, that reminds me of the scene from “The Family Man” where they are in the airport and the snow is flying in the background.  My experience is similar to that movie in the snow falling part.  I often find my self temporarily escaping reality watching the usually beautiful snow feathering down in the dark night.

I usually take the kids sled riding by now!  All of us are disappointed on this front!  Actually we try to go skiing a few times during the winter too, but this might not happen the way things are going.

From a financial front, we are going pretty well, since we aren’t doing anything (grrr).  I’d rather spend a few hundred dollars and enjoy the time and create memories with the family.  At least the presents are all taken care of!

This year like last year, we are splitting our Christmas at the in-laws, but with a twist!  This year we are going to schedule it so we have Christmas Day all to ourselves!  We are planning for a relaxing, enjoyable Christmas.  My plans don’t always match reality though, so we’ll see if it come to be or not!

How has your season been?  While I have lightly complained, it’s not horrible.  I’m still having fun and looking to take a few days off for vacation!

Always Juggling,


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