Juggling Family & Career

Do You Spend Enough Time on Yourself?

On this blog, we often talk about the importance of managing multiple items. It is about the juggle that life often brings. As we all probably know, life seems to fill up – especially for young families. Whether you are a newlywed or new parents, life gets busy. Between all of the appointments, work, making dinner, dishes, laundry, it can fill up fast – and that’s without the unexpected events that take up our precious time. It always seems like stuff happens all at once.

I have become quite busy

Yet, if we become more efficient with our time and use things like task lists, we can make it manageable. Lately, I have realized that I do quite a few things. I am currently working full-time. I am going to school part-time. I blog on several blogs, am married and do my fair share of the chores around the house. It isn’t always easy keeping up with everything, but I manage. I’ve already talked about how I am able to do more than the average person, but at what cost?

Is Relaxation Time Lacking?

Are you starting to realize that your time to just put your feet up and relax is lacking? As I am typing this, I have my feet up on the coffee table with the laptop propped on my legs. While my physical posture may suggest a position of relaxation, the truth is I am busy at work trying to build up my presence on the web. I believe in what I am doing and know that it will offer me a future of freedom. My determination pushes me past many of the limits of my friends. I may have less time to go out and party or hang out, but I still have plenty of time for myself. Plus, beyond anything else, the things that I am doing is something that I enjoy. I think that is the secret to it all. Keeping your sanity while you strive to push yourself all centers around finding something you enjoy.

4 Responses to Do You Spend Enough Time on Yourself?

  1. I don’t take the time I should to relax because there’s so much I want to get done every day! I’m trying to take more time to myself now and I think it really helps me not get as frustrated with the day-to-day things (like work)

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