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A Side Income

If you are trying to make more money this year, you might consider finding a side income to earn a few extra bucks here and there. It doesn’t have to be anything significant at first. I think once you start earning a few extra dollars, you will begin to realize that you have extra time to earn money from.

Time is Money

Jester and I (Wayne) often talk about the importance of realizing that your time is worth something. Most of this comes from knowing that anyone who is involved in anything (whether it’s a career, family, school, etc.) will feel busy. Life has a way of filling up fast. Think about the last time you thought to yourself, “wow, that just flew by…” I would bet that it wasn’t that long ago.

When life is busy, it is hard to realize how much more you can be doing. You may think that you are already at your limit because you can’t imagine working another full-time job. But, earning a little extra money can come with as little as 1 hour per week.

An Example of a Manageable Side Income

If you are wondering what you could possible do to earn a few bucks, here’s a more traditional answer (but still a good one). What about mowing your neighbor’s yard? I know, you are too old for that, right? But, if you really need the money, what could it hurt.

If you mow your neighbor’s yard every week for even $10, that is over $500 for the entire year. With the little time each week, you are now $500 richer. Think about what you could do with that money. Save for your children’s college education, take an extra vacation, etc. The possibilities are endless. Ultimately, it comes down to measuring what is most important to you. If you are interested in earning a side income, why not make it happen now? If you start now, I’d bet that you will see the possibilities expand. It may start with mowing your neighbor’s yard, but then it will turn into something else. Before you know it, you could be earning an extra $1,000 each month.

9 Responses to A Side Income

  1. Jester here!

    I’ve been thinking of offering a dog sitting server, or maybe even a small kennel operations. Think about it, starting out a kennel, you just house some dogs (mainly dog anyway) for a week at a time.

    Of course since it’s your business you can be picky about the dogs you watch…

    In addition to mow (as Wayne mentioned above), there is the chore of dog refuse removal. This might should like a week category, but older people with dogs would probably be willing to go that route. Shoot, I hate doing the task and I would pay for that too.

    You like making things (I can see from your last post), so try to sell some of the things you make! I know a friend that create quilts. Here hourly rate is pathetic, but she really enjoys doing it and selling them. In fact, she take pride in the fact that she has sold a quilt to a person in ever state.

    • haha – I guess that’s true. Winter months it does seem unnecessary. From spring to late fall though, once a week is about right.

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