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Should Kids Earn Money To Help Family Finances

My child had to read a book called “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn” in summer for school.  Like all kids, he didn’t start on the book until the week before school which sadly enough was the same week that we were scheduled to go on our yearly vacation.  My son didn’t want to read the book during vacation, so instead, I borrowed the audio version of the book from the library, and he listened to the book on the way down to our vacation destination.

Since I like to listen to audio books when I drive, our entire family decided to all listened to the book.  In the book, the children in Brooklyn did jobs around the neighborhood and would give the money to their mothers or fathers.  The mothers would give the children a small percentage of the money back to spend on fun stuff (at least at the protagonist’s house).  The kids usually bought candy since the story was suppose to happen around the early 1900s before electronics became the “new” candy.

After listening to the book, all of us in the family was a bit surprised that back then everybody in the family worked as a team and every dollar counted no matter whom it was earned by.  This got me thinking…

Should kids earn money to help family finances at home?

To me, in some cases it would make great sense if the work is safe and will not damage the child in any way, but not so much for my family.

In my family, all the kids are into sports and other activities, so quite literally they really don’t have time to work a real job.  But what if my spouse or I lost our jobs?  If the children could work, then why not help the family instead of having family finances scrapping by?  I wonder if their friends would pity them, since they wouldn’t be able to join the sports and other activities that they normally participate in?

Times are very different today, and even though wealth inequality is the big concern right now, I think that our generation has it fairly easy in life with all the support programs in the local community, charity organizations and even the federal and state governments..

In conclusion, I don’t think that I would ask my kids to work, because in today’s times it wouldn’t make sense as much.  But if times were desperate enough, anything goes!  I think if you have kids, and you are struggling to make ends meet… and the kids are teenagers… then perhaps you should consider such options too?

I would love to hear the thoughts by others?



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