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Predictions for 2014 Job Market for Graduates

The graduate job market has undergone some serious changes during the last year, and there are some facts graduates should know when entering it this year. Of you are checking the latest job openings and think what kind of job will suit in your qualification and your needs, look through the changes and think how you can adapt to this competitive environment.

Increased opportunities

The number of vacancies available for graduates has increased in comparison to 2013, which leads to more job opportunities. The most of it goes from the IT, digital marketing and engineering industries, as they are expanding their workforce, being in a need of graduates of computer science and technology. Graduates should keep in mind that both small and high-growth companies provide great opportunities, sometimes with great involvement and rewards package.

Reliance on technology and social media

More and more vacancies today are advertised through social media, and this does not include only websites that are career-oriented. That is why candidates should have a good online presence, for example start a blog, or at least be active on social media. Twitter is a needed resource – be active there and follow the businesses you are interested in, recruiting companies and job boards to get the access to job offers they might have.

Academia is taking a back-seat

Of course, a good degree is always attractive for the employers and will help you stand out among other applicants, but employers are more and more interested in candidate himself, rather than in their great academic report. Internships and work experience, showing that you are familiar with industry, are important, as well as knowing other language.

Recruitment strategies are changing

The previous year some larger companies have changed their recruitment policies, so applicants should learn about the process a bit more. On the other hand, the startup companies, especially IT-oriented, are mostly using professional services, which means registering with recruitment companies will help you get into hidden job market and be offered a position that is not advertised to general public.  

Employers want tailored applications

The times of copy-pasting your application was a good way to look for job are over. Now you need to tailor every application so that it fits into the job offer, sometimes even altering your CV to make it more relevant for the position you are applying for.

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