The Best And The Worst Gold IRA Companies – My Story

My Experience With Gold IRA Companies

This website has solely informative purposes and it is based on my personal experience. I encourage everybody to read it, then do their own research in order to find the best Gold IRA company, should they need one.

I became concerned with my future when I saw a friend of mine losing everything he had in his 401k because of the last crash of the stock market. He didn’t see this coming, so he found himself without any retiring plan overnight.

My savings were all in a 401k as well, so I started to investigate possible options to diversify my portfolio. After thorough research, I arrived to the conclusion that gold and silver are excellent long term investments. My nest step was to call all gold companies I could find and ask them various questions in order to determine which one would be the best to help me do a gold IRA rollover.

Why Gold?

Every now and then we hear about the stock market collapsing and throwing lots of investors in misery. Currencies fluctuate, the US dollar isn’t what it used to be anymore, therefore nothing can guarantee our savings and investments will still be there for us when we are going to retire. Gold, on the other hand, has been relatively stable throughout the history. Its value recorded some fluctuations on short term, but the overall trend is an ascending one.

Physical gold is in great demand. If you have gold, you can turn it into cash very easily when needed. Moreover, it is a limited resource. This makes me certain that its value can only increase on long term, as more and more resources get depleted.

Information I Needed From Gold Companies

In the beginning, all companies I contacted seemed great. However, I soon discovered some were better than others. I learned what questions to ask them in order to make the most accurate evaluation possible. Here are my questions, maybe you can use them, too:

What is your experience with rollovers?

I didn’t want just any gold company out there. I needed to know they had exactly the type of expertise what would have helped me most. Since I intended to do a 401k rollover, I asked them specifically about it. I needed someone to be able to handle all details related to tax implications, reporting to the IRS and dealing with the paperwork. I didn’t want to have to learn anything or hire more lawyers to help me sort out such issues.

I also wanted to make sure my Gold IRA company will know exactly what type of coins and bullion to buy in order to comply with legal requirements. I a word, all these mean experience and that’s what I wanted.

Where do you store the gold?

The IRS doesn’t allow citizens to store their own gold with the purpose of setting up a Gold IRA. The physical gold needs to be deposited at a custodian which is chosen by the Gold IRA company. This is why I wanted to know where they were going to store my gold, because I wanted to do my own checks on that custodian. When we talk about a lifetime’s savings, there’s no room for error. I don’t want to end up under a bridge in my elderly years, only because I was too lazy or to silly to ask all these questions now, when I do have a choice.

I kept on my shortlist only those companies that offered me segregated storage. This means that my gold was going to be stored separately and not together with other people’s assets, like in the case of non-segregated storage. There were two main reasons for my option. The first one was that segregated storage is usually insured by better entities and for higher amounts. The second reason was that a segregated storage is easier to liquidate quickly, should an incident occur that would ever make me need cash very fast. The fees for segregated storage are usually higher, but I think the benefits are worth paying for.

What are your fees and how are they calculated?

I wanted all my fees to be clear from the very beginning. I hate hidden fees and I usually refuse to pay them. Moreover, I wanted a company that charges a flat fee and not a scaled one. I don’t want my fees to grow with my Gold IRA wealth. This is why I needed absolute transparency from the company I was going to work with. By asking them about their fee structure, I avoided later misunderstandings and hidden fees.

How long does the rollover process take?

I needed a gold IRA company that would be able to process my rollover within 48 hours or so. However, not everyone is able to provide such services, as there are companies that still process everything on paper, thus needing lots of days until all the work is complete and the gold transferred. You don’t want your rollovers to take months, therefore you must make sure you choose a company that does electronic paperwork, so they can do everything much faster.

Do you have a buy back program?

The buy back program is needed in case of emergency, to get fast cash. I wouldn’t work with a gold company that doesn’t provide this option to their customers. Although I hope to never make use of it, it makes me feel batter that I can get fast cash, should I ever need it.

Some example companies:

3 Ways To Prevent Toxic Mold Exposure Issues

Growth of mold in the house can be extremely cringing. It can leave you scratching your head for weeks, if not months. The eradication of the mold spores can become a bane, for even the professionals. The growth of the mold is rapid enough to give you a headache in just a single day. Are you concerned about the maintenance of the house? Are you looking to maintain the ambience, feel and beauty of your house? Are you circumspect about your health? If so, then staying on your toes in connection to overcoming or preventing toxic mold exposure from erupting; otherwise, the chances of you encountering asthma because of toxic molds increase threefold.

By: Angela Schmeidel Randall

Dry the Wet Areas

Moisture is the feeding ground for mold to grow. It is imperative for you to tackle the moisture and wet areas of the house right away, as any delay would let the mold creep in and become havoc. Heavy rainfall is the major cause of mold, and if you are living in an area blessed with ample rainfall, then you have to be extra cautious about the mold growth. Even a little spill can pave the way for the growth of the mold; therefore, always dry the carpet and related stuff within 24 hours of encountering moisture. You also need to dry your wet clothes naturally, rather than putting them in the washing machine/dryer, where the mold can spread big time. If you fail to do all this, then you are really asking for trouble.

Proper Ventilation Can Help You Overcome Moisture

If you do not have a sound ventilation system for your home, then you better go for it at the earliest. According to a survey, properly ventilated homes are 20-25% less likely to experience mold than the closed-type homes. Today, people prefer the energy efficient homes, but these can also serve to be the favorite growing place for the mold. Therefore, whenever you are cooking or washing the clothes etc, you should open the ventilators or the windows to prevent moisture from taking a toll on you.

Consider the Indoor Humidity Regularly

Humidity also plays a key role in the development of mold. According to the EPA, indoor humidity above 60% should set the panic alarms ringing, as at this point, mold can grow rapidly. The ideal indoor humidity you need to maintain is 30%-60%. Staying below 30% can also cause trouble, therefore it is advisable for you to keep the indoor humidity somewhere between 40%-50%.

Clinicians Could Re-mediate

If you are looking for the appropriate services helping you get rid of potentially toxic molds, then considering clinics like Johnson Medical Associates could ease growing concerns. The clinic has the services of professional medical experts helping you overcome the health hazards by providing you with hyperbaric oxygen therapy solutions and general therapies which help patients overcome sicknesses toxic mold problems have brought about.

Can I File For Bankruptcy On My Own Without An Attorney

By: Tax Credits
I recently had a friend talking about the possibility of having to file bankruptcy. Their main question was if they needed to hire a Dallas Texas bankruptcy lawyer (which I would highly recommend to get everything done properly). It got my curious so I did a bit of research and found a couple interesting articles:

You are not required to have an attorney in order to file for bankruptcy. In some simple Chapter 7 cases, you can file on your own (it’s called filing “pro se,” meaning that you represent yourself) if you are willing to put in some time and research. However, in many cases, it’s a good idea to have a bankruptcy attorney. Read more at

This article gives a good indication of the pros and cons as well:

Never assume that you cannot afford an attorney. You might qualify for a pro bono attorney. Some law schools offer free legal services, and some municipalities offer legal service programs. So if you believe you need legal advice, there are ways that you get it. Read more at

Hiring A Financial Advisor in Dallas

Comprehending the Dallas investment and financial world can end up being a challenge. It appears the sector has its own language with sayings and terms that sector workers use quite casually but looks not native to the public. Of course you’ve got. As an associate of the business myself I frequently realize there are those “specialists” who use language that I don’t even comprehend. Because of this, many panic looking in the manner of a victim and speaking with an investment professional out of anxiety about not understanding their language. The best way to select the best financial advisor can seem to be a daunting task particularly when you are unsure of the advisement and are not even certain of what to request you’ll receive. How will you select the best counselor for you?

The very first thing in selecting a Dallas financial advisor to comprehend is understanding that you don’t have to know everything there’s to learn more about the investment and fiscal sector. The most important thing to be aware of is that there are various kinds of advisers and that understanding the difference between the large brokerage firms as well as the little independent agent with captive counselors are able to help you determine which is good for you. Having worked on either side of the business I believe it is essential that you learn some things about the way large brokerage firms run.

Choosing A Commercial Painter

Locating especially the person who is able to understand and meet your conditions, a painter, is among the challenging tasks you perform in regards to the renovation of your home. Yet, in the end dissonance predominates due to time delays and nonstandard work of the painter.

Scenario stays the same in the event that you would like to intend to refurbish building, manufacturing plant, your office, ware house or some other commercial area and also you think that can get the effects that are wanted by hiring a non professional painter, then you’re living unaware of the reality.

Firstly, they and slickness in their own field and due to enormous experience they are able to assist in determining the color as well as the feel of the paint. They understand about the potential of colors in building aesthetics and distinct moods. Thus, their guidance can assist you in color selection, which uplifts your residence or work place.

Second, they are able to create standardized and better results due to the gear they use. Gear, acquainted with the SOP’s (standard surgery processes) of the business conjure up to result in outstanding quality in the end product, additionally it ensures the standardization, meaning the same end product or shade could be reached elsewhere.

You face the problems of time delays, when you employ a local painter. Nevertheless, commercial painting contractors have a set finishing and beginning date that they abide by, so, problems of time delays are worked out. Second, no home owner needs the painter to produce disruption in her or his daily routine. This problem is resolved by commercial painters too. Commercial painting contractors ensure they are not causing impediments or disturbances in your everyday life.

Commercial painting contractors conserve this price of yours. Eventually, they paint defines dress and the mood of office or your home. Commercial painting contractors make sure it’s in accordance with your conditions. Their expertise in the area gives them the ability of defining aesthetics. It’s possible for you to locate many painting contractors online, wherever your deal is right at the space of one click.

Do I Need A Reverse Mortgage?

The ones that are thinking about the reverse mortgage must make a choice that is very important. Most of the time, the ones that are contemplating them are doing this since they want the capital for some goal that is primary. For instance, they might not be bringing in enough from pensions, social security or savings to keep their living expenses. They might have a big purchase that’s required like a brand new vehicle. Or, they may want the capital for home improvements. Some people make use of the resources they get from a reverse mortgage to finance a recreational vehicle or another house. In the event the money are desired, those that have at least or possession equity in their own house, possess the capacity to procure this almost free form of mortgage.

You must be at least 62 years old, to be eligible for a reverse mortgage. The old that you really are, the more cash you may get on a monthly basis in your home mortgage. Alternatively, you might want to get the reverse mortgage financed in a lump sum to you personally. Regardless, the reverse mortgage may allow you to ensure the financing which you need and can occur quite fast.

You must get some equity in your house to be eligible for a reverse mortgage. It’s the equity which you have that you using for funds as well as will be cashing out. When you pay off your mortgage completely, the value of the house as well as the equity is the same. The ones which are looking to employ a reverse mortgage demand to get some equity to cash in.

Contrary to other loans, you may use the resources for anything when the mortgage on the house is paid for, which you see fit.

The reverse mortgage may be a great selection for all those individuals who are in need of funds however would not have the money any other manner. Since the resources for a reverse mortgage aren’t expected to be repaid, generally, until the borrower moves out of the home, or dies the homeowner really has access to cash in the value of their residence.

Nevertheless, reverse mortgage could be a costly strategy to borrow cash due to higher rates of interest. It’s not advocated as a short term financing.

Reverse mortgage is a complicated loan that’s expensive. It’s regarded as the last resort for getting cash. Constantly seek guidance from an unaffiliated reverse mortgage counselor to allow you to select among the numerous kinds of reverse mortgages or that will help you determine whether a reverse mortgage is for you.

Look here for more info:

Benefits Of Pine Bark Extract

The lack of sufficient exercise on a regular basis and a balanced and healthy diet, can result in your feeling unfit and unwell. Many people question whether the fitness routines and vitamins that are readily available today, actually contribute towards keeping them healthy and giving the results promised. Some of these only provide benefits for a short period of time, as opposed to the long term effects that you may be hoping for. You may be one of the many persons looking for meaningful ways to prevent joint pain, reduce any signs of premature aging, as well as effectively combat a myriad of health issues.

Pine bark extract is an excellent source of wonderful health benefits. This is especially useful if you eat the right foods and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but still experience health issues.
Anti-oxidant properties that are ideal in the elimination of harmful free radicals from the body, are contained in pine bark extract. This contributes to the improvement in vascular strength and blood circulation, while also slowing down the aging process.

The ability to improve the appearance of the skin, is one of the main benefits of pine bark. It can assist in the reduction in sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles, since it helps skin elasticity. To achieve a youthful appearance and look more attractive, healthy looking skin is the key. Pine bark extract is therefore the ideal solution, if you want to improve your appearance and live a healthy lifestyle, because of its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Look for more information at

Looking For A New Eye Doctor

Our eyes are probably the most valuable sense organ we’ve. Whether you’re a professional or a scholar, possessing great eyesight is a must. Therefore, it’s unavoidable that we must take particular care of our eyes. Here appears a man to whom we can entrust the obligation of caring for our priceless sense organ, the requirement for an excellent ophthalmologist. It’s not a simple task to find an excellent eye specialist in all regions around the world. Nevertheless, people in Michigan need not stress. Finding a great Plano eye doctor needs barely attempt because of the easy access to Plano vision attention. These variables mainly depend on you as a person. Many people favor assessing the academic qualifications of the school from which he hails as well as the oculist when it comes to qualification.

By: Chad Cooper
Predilections may change but it’s always wise to locate an oculist who’s certified by a well-recognized body that he or she complies with international standards of treatment and investigation.

By: Tim
The other common standard for choosing an optometrist is character and the behavioural characteristics of the eye specialist. Different individuals have different inclinations despite regard to this standard. Some would choose physicians that are exceptionally professional and restrict their interaction by making use of their patients to related and significant problems simply. There might be others who’d rather see with a physician who wants to chew the fat and also make the patient comfortable, and offer insights into the identification and treatment. Using character as a determinant of an excellent eye specialist may appear silly to some. Nevertheless, there’s no denying the reality a physician who’s introvert or shy, or for that matter ill-mannered, isn’t a man from whom patients will soon have the ability to gain sufficiently.

There isn’t any thumb rule while selecting an ophthalmologist that someone can follow. Temperament and the oculist’s academic history are only two of the many variables which could go into aiding you to make your selection. It’s advisable to rely to some extent on word of mouth. It is often found that family, friends and acquaintances frequently offer a number of the very precious advices. All said and done, choose the final decision of selecting the eye doctor who caters your optic demands and you need to identify your preferences.

If you are in the area, look at this optometrist in Plano Texas.